The Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology by Jan Williamson

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This is the only book to be written on this subject. This text is appropriate for those practitioners already using this technique and for those who have yet to discover it. Precision Reflexology holds the same rationale as other forms of reflexology. It focuses on stimulating “reflex points” on the feet to maintain good health. Precision work connects to a person energetically, responds to the needs of each individual and aims to maintain natural balance.It does not rely on physical pressure but, at the same time, it can be powerful and effective. It can be taught in its own right or it can be adapted to enhance other forms of reflexology in post-graduate training. It provides an added dimension to a treatment and reflects an Eastern approach to healthcare. This book offers a step-by-step guide, with illustrations and charts for its application…

Please note that this revised edition of a Guide to Precision Reflexology is now available. This has been redesigned and the photos have been updated. It also includes a new chapter on Advanced Precision Reflexology.  Please contact Jan for details.

A Guide to Natural Healthcare by Jan Williamson

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This book has relevance for everyone who would like to be more aware of, and involved in, their own health care. The aim of the book is to de-mystify complementary health and to show that it is not an exclusive approach but rather that there are elements within it to suit everyone. A variety of self-help techniques are demonstrated.  The author uses her experience as a complementary health practitioner  - working with yoga, massage, reflexology and nutrition - to show how various techniques can be adapted to suit individual need, ability and lifestyle.

Yoga is a harmony - Volumes 1 & 2

Audio cassette tapes by Jan Williamson

FOOT MASSAGE CARDS - Jan Williamson.

These colour illustrated cards provide the basis for a foot massage treatment using a variety of strokes. They are available directly from Jan. Cost £8.50 plus £2 p and p.

PRECISION REFLEXOLOGY CHARTS- these orginal charts by Prue Miskin come in a set of four.

1. Foot chart

2. Hand chart

3. Detailed spine chart showing relevant “links”

4. Chart showing nerve intervention of the spine

- These are available directly from Jan. Cost is £10 plus £3 p and p

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