Post Grad Precision Reflexology

This established course is available to all qualified practitioners. The course is centred around the “linking” technique which is unique to Precision work. This gives power and precision to all forms of the therapy and it provides a way to connect to the subtle energy of each client.

The course content looks at the rationale for Precision techniques - this system offers an intuitive reponse to treatment. The location of the “linking” reflexes is taught and students will be shown how to locate these. The basic technique uses a light touch which makes contact with the subtle energy of each client thus providing a powerful treatment without using strong physical pressure. The concept of subtle energy in relation to reflexology will be explored and discussed. A unique approach to Chakra work and the relevance of this to Precision Reflexology provides a powerful alternative to therapy work. Students will be shown realistic ways in which to make this approach relevant to their clients. Naturopathic principles will be applied in order to increase client confidence and involvement in their own health care.

There are four tuition days, in two blocks of two days each. The venue is “Splatthayes” in Buckerell, East Devon. The tutor is Jan Williamson. For details of dates and cost please contact Jan Williamson on or telephone 01626 853236.

Exclusive groups - if you know a group of reflexologists who would like to do this course , you can book “Splatthayes” exclusively for yourselves. This would involve two week-ends - the dates to be arranged to suit. So, you can learn Precision work, have “time-out” together and be spoilt by “Splatthayes” hospitality. Please contact Jan on or telephone 01626 853236 for details.

Additional venues for 2015 include Essex, Yorkshire and Ireland.