Diary Dates

4 day Post -Grad Precision Reflexology Course. This course focuses on the “linking” technique that is unique to precision work. This method works with the subtle energy of the body in order to achieve homeostasis.r

April and June  2015 - Buckerell, East Devon

April  and June 2015 - Essex

September and November 2015 - Buckerell, East Devon.

2 day Advanced Precision Reflexology - This course introduces Jan’s original “Unseen” treatment which uses foot massage and the “linking” uechnique working through the Chakra system. From this, treatment plans can then be developed for each individual client.

July 2015 Buckerell, East Devon

2 day Nutrition Course - the aim

of this course is for practitioners to be able to advise clients on sustainable, realistic dietary guidelines which will be matched to overall levels of health, ability, personal choice and lifestyle.

Contact Jan for details of dates for this course

Federation of Precision Reflexology meetings - the Federation supports therapists on an individual level and aims to increase knowledge by shared experience. Members can take advantage of a block insurance scheme with an established company. There are twice yearly meetings ,in Devon, with a wide variety of speakers.

April and September 2015 Buckerell, East Devon

For information about any of these courses, please contact Jan on 01626 853236 or email jan@precisionreflexology.com