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Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy derived from oriental philosophy. It focuses on stimulating “reflex points” on the feet to maintain good health. Practitioners believe that by applying pressure to the reflex points it is possible to treat a wide range of disorders.

Reflexology is based on the premise that energy channels run throughout the body. The efficacy of the therapy is believed to be the result of stimulation of this energy flow. It accepts that the body is a dynamic energy system that is constantly changing.

As an holistic therapy, reflexology treats the whole person, the aim is to restore the individual into a state of balance, homeostasis.

Precision Reflexology

Precision reflexology refers to a form of reflexology that is unique to this school. It involves a technique called “linking”. This confirms the precise nature of the treatment when a response is felt, by both the client and the worker, when the correct reflex is held. “Linking” uses both hands to join two relevant points thus increasing the power and the holistic nature of the treatment.

This technique incorporates the oriental origins of reflexology by responding to each client’s subtle energy. It is non-invasive, being both gentle and effective. The practitioner connects to the subtle energy of the client using a light touch therefore the treatment has a gentle application whilst ,at the same time, being very powerful and effective.

Prue Miskin developed this system over several years and it continues to be a central element of the tuition at the precision school.

The school of precision reflexology offers full professional training and  this includes all elements that are necessary to become a fully qualified practitioner. The course is regulated by the QCF (Qualification and Credits Framework) and meets all national training standards. The tuition covers everything that is necessary in order to be a competent, caring practitioner.

 The School of Precision Reflexology is now a partnership centre will Centralia, an awarding body based in Cardiff. This enables the Precision school to offer  a Level 5D training course. This is the highest level of training currently available in the U.K. In addition, this is the only recognised full training course in Precision Reflexology. This course is designed and taught by reflexologists who can help with all aspects that are involved with establishing a professional practice as  a reflexologist.  The syllabus includes anatomy and physiology, all aspects of reflexology, practical tuition and guidance, the holistic approach to healthcare and business management skills.  Assessment is based on continuous assessment throughout the course, presentation of case studies and practical supervision. There is a free-of-charge introductory day for all potential students . For the latest details on this please contact Jan on 01626 853236 or email

The next intake for the Level 5 course is scheduled for Autumn 2015.  Please contact Jan for further details. Please note that this is the only recognised full training course in Precision Reflexology.

The teaching environment is relaxed and informal and the aim is that each student will enjoy all aspects of the course.  The venue is in Buckerell, East Devon. Assessment is via practical case study work and on-going assessment throughout the course. On successfull completion of this course, students are then able to practice as professional reflexologists and are eligible to join the Federation of Precision Reflexologists.  The next scheduled intake for the full training course is October 2015.

 FREE Introduction Day -  this is for anyone who has expressed an interest in the Level 5 course.  It is scheduled for July 18th 2015 , the venue is “Splatthayes”, Buckerell, near Honiton.  From 10a.m to 4p.m.  There is no charge for this day and there is absolutely no obligation to go on to attend the course. Jan, as the course tutor, will outline the content of the course , and answer any questions that prospective students may have. There will also be an opportunity to receive a treatment .   Please contact Jan - 01626 853236 - email -  if you would like to attend.

The school of precision reflexology also offers post-graduate training for qualified practitioners, who may have trained in other reflexology schools and who are interested to learn the precision school principles. There is also a post-graduate course in Diet and Nutrition for Reflexologists.

These short courses are run at regular intervals throughout the year in Devon and, occasionally, at other venues in the UK. The venue for the school of precision reflexology is “Splatthayes”, Buckerell, East Devon. This is a unique 16th century thatched, cob house.

The tutor for the courses, Jan, and the host, Doug, both aim to provide the best possible learning environment for all the students. The course tuition is totally professional and the content covers everything that is required to become a competent, caring practitioner. The teaching environment is informal and relaxed so that the whole experience is rewarding and enjoyable. Lunches, evening meals and accommodation are all available if required.

The school offers a total learning experience, with a professional and supportive approach. The aim is that students will enjoy every aspect of the courses on offer and, also, feel cared for.

For information of any of these courses please contact Jan, either via email (jan or telephone. (01626 853236). Please state if you are interested in the full training course or the post-graduate ones.

As well as the Devon venue there are addditional courses at external venues. Currently these include Essex, Yorkshire and Ireland.

The only book on Precision Reflexology is The Complete Guide to Precision Reflexology  by Jan. ISBN 13 978-1-85642-410-3.

All qualified Precision Reflexologists are eligible to join The Federation of Precision Reflexology which is our membership organisation. We have twice-yearly meetings with speakers and members’ time. The aim is to provide support and continuing professional development. In addition, members can obtain professional cover with Balens, a specialist insurance company, at a highly competitive rate.

The Federation of Precision Reflexology is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, 2 Nimrod House, Sandy’s Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1JJ, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.